Sunday, March 1, 2009

She WALKS...sort of.

The Poncho

MJ and I took a quick trip to Las Vegas for some R&R in February. We had a great time with Grandma Girl and Pops and Sam & Anya and their kiddos. It sure was hard to come back to the cold of New Jersey, but we were very happy to see our boys! Strangely, I didn't take a single picture of our trip, so here is The Miss modeling her new poncho.

She had a death grip on the blue spoon, so any attempt to get a picture without it was wishful thinking.

The camp in

Too cold for camping so we made a little camp in for the boys...Microwave s'mores (with rainbow marshmallows), tent, sleeping bags and Kung Fu Panda on the portable DVD player. They boys have been asking for it almost every night since then!

Sorry for the bad pics, the lighting was terrible. Please note the Halloween pillowcases that the boys are still using 4 months later!

Snow Day!!

We finally had enough soft fluffy snow for the boys to go out and play. It went a little like this...20 minutes to get everyone in their gear. 25 minutes to get out of gear, go to the bathroom, and get redressed. TWO HOURS playing outside in the snow (While MJ and I watched from the heated indoors). 30 minutes to get out of gear and warm up with a bath and then hot chocolate. A great day!!

You can't tell from the pictures because everything was plowed, but we actually had some nice snow!

The Miss with the messy face and I watched through
the sliding glass door.