Friday, February 26, 2010

Awesome Answers

Lizzy, our friend and babysitter, called upon the boys' imaginations last night to help her with an assignment for her child development class. She sent her questions and the boys did not disappoint with their answers!

1. Why does the sun come up?
2. Where do dreams come from?
3. Why is the ocean blue?

Ollie (age 4.5):
1. Hmmm, because, so it can be a sunny day. Not like today. Today is a snowy day.
2. From ourselves, right? And sometimes from my Bakugan because they are usually in my dreams. They are awesome and always win the battles in my dream.
3. Because that is how Jesus made it. Maybe blue is His favorite color. My favorite color is purple.

Mason (age 6.5):
1. So we can have light on the earth.
2. From your mind. But sometimes if you watch something too scary then your dream is really a nightmare.
3. So we can see sea creatures and other things. The reason why is because the sky is blue and sometimes the pieces of the sky fall into the ocean and make it blue. And salt plus blue water still equals blue. Salt is just like zero.

Shortly after Lizzy got their answers we got another message: "my roommate said your kids are awesome and wants to ask her questions too if thats okay. " So we started again. I suggest asking your own kids these questions because we sure had a good time listening to their answers!!

1. What is snow made out of?
2. Why is the grass green?
3. Why can we only see stars at night.

Mason (age 6.5)
1. Water. Just water that gets frozen after it jumps out of the clouds.
2. Because if everything in our planet was the same color we wouldn't know which house was ours and we wouldn't be able to find our backyard because everything would be green.
3. Because if we saw stars during the day we would keep on looking at them and we would forget to watch the road and might get in a car crash.

Oliver (age 4.5)
1. Water. Really cold water. And maybe some little bits of clouds that fall down out of the sky.
2. So we can see it very well. If it was gray like the sidewalk we wouldn't know where to walk and where to play.
3. I use my superpower to see stars in the day. They go so far up into space in the daytime so that the astronauts can see them during the day. Then, at night, the sun goes up into space for the astronauts and the stars come back down for us to see.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Going to the Slammer

Mom: "Ollie, how was your day?"
Ollie: "It was GREAT! A policeman came to tell us about the police. I got to be the bad guy. He put me in the handcuffs. It was awesome! But, he did NOT take me to jail. Maybe next time."
Mom: "Yes, maybe next time."