Sunday, July 1, 2007

Fish Tales

It seems that Mason is a natural fisherman. The first day, he came home and when asked if he caught a fish he held out his arms and said, "I caught a fish THIS BIG!" He was very patient with the fishing. He stood for two hours holding the fishing pole and watching for the bobber to go under. As soon as it did, he would reel in his catch. At first he caught a little perch. As he was reeling it in, a big mouth bass swam up and ATE THE PERCH! Mason reeled it in and was happy as could be with his catch. The next day, the big boys went out on a boat and caught some huge stripers (the fish, not the dancing girls!) The fish were as tall as Mason and made for a delicious dinner that night!
At the end of the week, Mike took Matt and Mason out on a small row boat to fish one more time. Mason caught a couple of keepers and secured his place as best 3 year old fisherman in the family!

Daddy, Mason and the BIG fish:

Captain Fred and Mason:

Mason with his big catch:

What do you expect? Fishing is hard work!


amy said...

mason is a champ!! i can't believe those fish! mark is soooo jelous right now. i'm so glad you had such a great time, nobody deserves it more than you guys!

Sarah Heap said...

Wow! that fish is huge, it sure beats the tiny fish we caught, (and we had to hrow ours back). It is so fun to see pictures of you guys, we sure miss you.

Cydney said...

He caught that fish?!?!?!? Mason is truly the man. Glad you had a blast.

jdmitchdds said...

You guys look so great! Matt has lost so much weight. Hey did ou guys have any problems from Alice getting your deposit back. I have been leaving messages for 4 weeks and she won't even acknowledge my calls. Email me, let us know how things are going.

Jeff Mitchell