Friday, December 21, 2007

The Potty Train

Matt took Mason to a movie tonight. I took the opportunity to take Ollie for a ride on the Potty Train.
After a few sits on the potty, we had success. Big success. Then I asked Ollie if he would like to wear underwear. He said yes and ran into the bedroom.

He came out like this:
Apparently it was not quite as successful as I had thought. Oh well, there's always tomorrow!


Lindsey said...

Hey--e-mail me and I'll send you that recipe you requested....


Miss Erika said...

Very cute picture! Good luck with the pottey train, sounds.... entertaining :o)

the meyersons said...

So you guys have a train for a potty?

I guess the real question is...Can I use it?

Julie said...

All I can say is that even though I really dislike (insert word hate) potty training, I have to say the 2nd child was easier than the first. Call me if Ollie wants to report success and I will be super excited!