Thursday, April 3, 2008


Pregnancy cravings are a weird thing. Matt doesn't totally believe that they are real. With Mason, all I wanted were eggo waffles and fruit smoothies. With Ollie it was fruit smoothies and nachos from Qdoba.

This time around, it has been very different. There is nothing that I have wanted throughout the entire pregnancy. It started with fruit smoothies...then shifted to maple and brown sugar oatmeal. At one point I was dying for a hamburger. Now, I polish off every last bit of salad with dinner. One night, a couple months ago, I would have killed for a homemade biscuit.

There has only been one constant throughout all three pregnancies: Ice.

Not just any ice. Sonic ice. Also known as cubelet ice (i've done my homework).

With Mason, I still worked at Wild Oats where they had this ice for the juice bar. I walked down from my office 2-3 times a day and asked Bruce, the juice guy, to fill my cup with ice. Dreamy.

When Oliver was coming, I no longer worked, so I had to drive to Sonic once a week and buy their ice by the bag at the drive through. I am sure they thought I was crazy, as I never ordered any food, just 2 bags of ice every Monday morning.

New Jersey is a whole different animal. No sonic close by. No job at Wild Oats. No way to procure my precious ice. So, I have come up with an alternative. It requires some work. Filling the cup (to the VERY top) with regular freezer made ice cubes. Filling the cup with with luke warm water. Once the ice cools the water, I drink it. Then I fill the cup with cool water. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes. Then drink the water. What I am left with is ice that is the perfect consistency for eating. Not too hard, not totally melted. Just soft and crunchy enough to chew.
I do this 3-4 times a day. Sometimes more, depending on the day.

Last week, I had just gotten my ice to the perfect place when Matt came in the kitchen and, thinking it was his cup, dumped the contents into the sink. Look out.


spyderette said...

did you know craving ice is a sign of iron deficiency/anemia?

just sayin...

Kristin said...

I know. I am totally anemic but I have been taking all my extra iron supplements, just like the Dr. ordered. Still crave the ice.

The Barnos said...

Um, does your father the DENTIST approve of this?!?!?! I was chastised once by my dentist for chewing ice b/c my teeth were being destroyed. Pregnancy just does the weirdest things to your body and brain!

Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Finn said...

Seriously, I craved mexican food with Buster. That explains why I gained a million pounds that still lingers on my body. I wished I craved ice..

I do agree with the "Sonic" ice is the best. You can never go back to cubed.

Cafe Johnsonia said...

So, after I read this post last week, all I could think of was the AWESOME ice we had at this Mexican fast food restaurant in UT that I worked at for a year in high school. It was those tiny little balls that crunched perfectly--like Sonic, I think.

OH....what I wouldn't give for a Sonic drink right now. I think the nearest Sonic is in Long Island. Wanna meet me there? ha, ha

Marcy said...

I craved ice with Brice! Brian used to get so annoyed. I wasn't iron deficient, but I have heard that. I am with "finn"...most of my cravings were Mexican, Chinese, and M&M's. :(

Anya said...

You have really peaked my interest and all of a sudden... I think I need to go to Sonic!