Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hockey and Five Year Olds

Driving home from the gym last Friday...

Mason: "Will daddy be home when we get there?"
Mom: "I don't know, he is going to a hockey game so he may have left already."
Mason: "How do you play hockey?"
Mom: "Players on ice skates hit the hockey puck with sticks and try to score goals."
Mason: "So, its OK to say hockey puck?"
Mom: "Yes, of course." {{??????}}
Mason: "But its not OK just to yell 'PUCK!' Mrs. Shulan told us that."
Mom: {{stunned & trying not to laugh}}


LizzyP said...

HILARIOUS! I hope Matt had a good birthday on Saturday. I know Dan was glad that he got to go to the game, but Matt never told him it was his birthday the very next day.

Marcy said...

That is hysterical! What kids think and say sometimes. :)

the meyersons said...

Wow! Don't tell Mrs. Shulan that we say that in our Primary class ALL the time.

That's ok, right?

The Barnos said...

Oh my gosh how times have changed.

B.E.C.L Wall said...

How funny! That is one of those moments you just log away for a day when you need a laugh!

Miss Erika said...

Just caught up on the last three months of your blog.... I am in love with your boys, and the wonderfully hilarious things that they say. I have read all of them outloud to Scott (he's not that interested in whatever he is reading, I hope) and we both have just laughed about them! Can't wait until you can add MJ to the mix!