Friday, January 22, 2010

A Trip to Gettysburg

Matt's mom came to town in the fall so we took a little trip to Gettysburg and Lancaster. It is SO fun to take trips with Grandma!!

The view through the window of our hotel. CREEPY!

We took the driving tour through Gettysburg after visiting the new Visitor's Center. The boys were SUPER excited about racing to the top of this observation tower.

Missa was happy at the top as long as she was free to run on her own. My 18 month old running around up there nearly gave me a heart attack so I had to hold her. You can see for yourself how well that turned out!

Mason and Oliver LOVED the tower and the cannons.
We just ignored the little sign that said "Please do not climb on the cannons"

Our little family at the Gettysburg Cemetery.

Missa really enjoyed my dramatic reading of The Gettysburg Address.
And getting a little work done in the hotel.

Did you notice the underlying theme of goofiness in these pictures? Scroll through and check out Ollie's face. Love that kid!

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The Barnos said...

very cute! and i did notice the silliness. i'm proud of you for getting these on before fall of this year began!