Monday, May 28, 2012

Sunday, May 28, 2012

Great day at church today. The mission president and his wife & son spoke to us and each had an excellent message. Even the kids were pretty well behaved.
After church we cooked and cooked some more before heading over to the O'Neills.  Great food, great company. We laughed and ate and swam until after 10pm when we all tried to stay awake long enough to make it home to our beds. Favorite convo of the night:
Missa: Can someone take off my swim shirt so I can NAKED?!?
Mom: Let's go get changed in the bathroom.
Missa: No! NEVER!

She proceeded to answer every question the rest of the day with, No! NEVER! Then she laughs and giggles like crazy.

Also, I loved watching Mason in the pool. He is SO happy in the water. He played with all the little kids and splashed around for hours and hours. Love that kid!

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