Tuesday, September 11, 2007

First Day, Take 2

There was playing. There was painting. There was eating.
This little boy could not ask for more!

Ollie ready for his first day of Pre-School.
He has been talking about it since the spring. The time has finally come and he could not be happier. It is hard to see the happiness in this picture. Partly because his new favorite smile is pictured below. So, I tried to get him to open his eyes and smile his cute normal smile. What I got is pictured above. Hmmm.

Smiling? Squinting into the sun? Passing gas? You be the judge.

I thought that I should document, on the blog, that I do actually exist. And occasionally I allow my picture to be taken. But, don't get used to it.


The Barnos said...

Ollie looks cute. I hope he loved school! You're a dork. I will sabotage you by taking your picture and posting it all over my blog!!!

Rasmussen Family said...

Your family is so cute!!

the meyersons said...

Hey warn a girl before posting that mug! Ollie is too stinking cute for words. Glad he's on his way to being a scholar like his mother.

Julie said...

Ollie looks so grown up- not at all like the little toddler I remember. Hope preschool was great for him!

Sleepless Tyrant said...

Ollie cracks me up. He's awesome.

Anya said...

They are both so cute and spunky- I LOVE it!!