Monday, September 10, 2007

First Days

Last week was a busy one at our house. Mason had his first day at preschool and his first day of soccer. Both were a huge success!
We don't really have a front door so the traditional "in front of the house" picture doesn't really work for us. So we have substituted the "behind the couch and in front of the messy bookshelf" picture instead.
Not to be outdone, here is Ollie on Mason's first day of school. Fortunately, he is always ready for a power outage. It is pretty handy to have him around.
At this level, the kids practice drills and skills with their coach, and each with their own ball.
Ready for a water break. It was HOT on Saturday!

Mason with his friend Jack. They are so happy that school is back in and they are seeing each other everyday. Emilie (Jack's mom) and I agreed that it was a long summer of "can I play with Jack/Mason today?"

This week, aside from trying to recover from our various ailments, we are looking forward to Oliver's first day of school and my first day of work. That is a post for another day...


Julie said...

Love it! I love the behind the couch in front of the messy bookshelf shots- I laughed out loud. I hope that you don't have to leave your house during the power outage since although he has a flashlight, he has no PANTS (incase you didn't notice). Mason looks SHARP in his soccer jersey! Glad you all seem to be on the mend. Good luck with work!!! So many exciting things for you and your family!

Rachael said...

I love the picture of Jack and Mason. It reminds me of a recent commerical where 3 young boys are so exited to be back in school with "people who understand them" and they are doing this crazy little dance down the hall together. It is just adorable! Good luck this week! Call if you need anything!

the meyersons said...

All I can say is, I think Ollie has never looked more put together. Thank goodness for his boy scout tendencies of being prepared.

Mason looks like he's saying, "Ready or not, teach, here I come!" Hope school goes well for all of you!

Allison Smith said...

first days of school are awesome. when did we get to be big kids? i was just reading an old letter from my freshman year that i sent to someone. i was talking about this great new friend that i was really getting along with ... it was you. i'm so glad we're friends.