Friday, November 23, 2007

Franklin Science Institute

Our second day in Philly was spent at the Franklin Science Institute. We had such a fun time there that if we had not all been so tired, we would have stayed all day!

We were so busy having fun today, that we didn't take too many pictures!

The kids loved the train exhibit. Lots to look at, lots to touch...what more could we ask for?

Then there was the flight museum. We got to sit in an airplane, make a fly paper airplanes, hold pretend wings and stand in a wind tunnel. We spent a good hour in there before we were off to tour the giant sized human heart. We followed the pathway that the blood travels through the heart and learned all sorts of cool things like how much blood we have in our bodies (Matt had over 200 cups!!)
Finally, we went up to the third floor where people were riding around on the sky bike (picture riding a bicycle on a tightrope) and there was the pro sports exhibit. Mason practiced his surfing, while Ollie was a rock climber. We also practiced spinning like figure skaters, doing slam dunks, stock car racing and defending our soccer goal in front of a green screen.

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