Friday, November 23, 2007

Weekend in Philly

We were lucky enough to spend a weekend in Philadelphia with Grandma and Grandpa Riley a few weeks ago. (I really AM that behind on my blogging!) We had a blast seeing all things Philly, enjoying cheesesteak sandwiches, and especially spending time with Matt's parents!

Here are Matt and the boys in front of the Liberty Bell. The kids were so good the first day we were there, we made them go see all the historical sites. I am sure they thought this would be the worst vacation ever!

Ollie running for a minute on the grass across from Independence Hall. We did a lot of walking, which means the kids did a lot of riding in the stroller. This was a much need potty/run around break! Below is Mason acting happy about getting back in the stroller to go see Benjamin Franklin's grave at the nearby cemetery.

FINALLY! Two very happy boys after we went in out of the cold and let them run their hearts out at the old Reading Railroad building. It is now the convention center. A child's dream: plenty of room to run around, tons of stairs and escalators, and really cool architecture for the rest of us!

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