Friday, February 22, 2008

On Hold

Unfortunately, the blog, the contest winner, and everything else have to be on hold for the next few days. The move is upon us. Boxes are packed (mostly), truck is scheduled for tomorrow, friends with muscle are showing up to load said truck (as I am totally useless at this point), and my awesome friend Liz is watching the boys in the morning during the whole crazy thing. Oh yes, how could I forget. There is also a major snow storm happening as I type. People, take my not move in February. Even if there has been no snow whatsoever in the previous four months, it will be a blizzard on moving day. Signing off until the boxes are unpacked and the new internet service is set up.


Wendi said...

I can feel your pain. I also moved in a snowstorm while pregnant (2 days after Christmas and with an 8 month old baby) insane. Good luck with the move and getting your "nesting" done. I look forward to see who won your hysterical contest.

Lindsey said...

Hope it all went well!

the meyersons said...

Personally, I find this lazy. Can't you drive around until you find some dive of a Internet Cafe and update? GEEZ.

Hope today went o.k.