Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Insights into the Brain

Forgive the scientist in me. I realize this isn't a normal blog posting. I wanted to pass on this amazing and stimulating video about a Harvard-trained neuroanatomist that underwent a life-altering experience. The video is 19 minutes in length, but well worth your time. The scientific and spiritual aspects are the most intriguing to me, but just the delivery of the speech is excellent.


Mark & Emily said...

hey, we need to some some more pics of that baby girl!! come on, give us some!

Wendi said...

U are a nerd!! Kristin, you are a good woman to allow Matt to make a post like this one and not delete it! I echo the last comment. Pics of Melissa and hearing how your recovery/adjustment is coming would be great. More seriously, my fascination for the brain surfaced early and by 7th grade, it was the subject for my science fair project. As such, I was sucked into the 19 minute video for mere curiosity. I found this presentation incredibly insightful and points presented and explained thoroughly and logically. I am currently reading a book called "The Journey" by Brandon Bays which talks about the author's journey of healing herself of a tumor the size of a basketball. It encompasses healing at a cellular level and discusses the soul, the mind power beyond rational thought, and emotional memories stored in our bodies. Although she doesn't explicitly say left/right brain, she covers the importance and function of both in her journey. Many of the core issues presented in this video parallel the ideas in this book. I am completely awestruck with the capacities of the human body. Quite humbling.