Friday, May 2, 2008

Thanks, Grandma Girl!

We were so lucky to have Grandma Girl here with us for the past few days. We are sad that she had to cut her trip a little short, but SOOOO grateful for all her help!

Two happy boys and one grandma on a hippity hop!

Little Melissa

Mason and Ollie in their May Day necklace and headband.
They had a fun morning dancing around the May pole at school.


Wendi said...

First off, how cute is grandma for battling on the hippity hop with your kids?!! AWESOME. What a 'hip' granny and an event your kids will remember. Hippity Hops should be a required toy. I think they are a riot. It has been too long since I raced with my girls on mine. Thanks for the reminder. Melissa looks so peaceful. Hopefully it has been a nice transition from uncomfortable preganancy sleep to babytime late night feeds.

David & Maggi said...

Never thought I'd see Marilyn on a hippity hop but I'm pretty glad I did. What a fun friend you have bringing you that festive dinner. Hope you are recovering well. You and your family are adorable.