Saturday, June 14, 2008

My Fellow Labmates

This is my family away from family, the Enquist Lab at Princeton University . We had a conference at the UPenn Medical Center in Philadelphia this past week. Here are a few action shots. By the way, the restaurant is "Marrakesh", a four star Moroccan place just off of downtown. It was recommended by a Philly graduate student in the lab, and had an incredible silverware (you use Pita bread to scoop all food from the 7 course meal). My double chin starts to tingle just talking about it.


the meyersons said...


A few items of business.

Neat trip.

You couldn't pay me to eat there.

What's with the pictures of CHOP, dude? You trying to do me in?

The double chin tingling makes me almost pee my pants.

Matt said...

Freak! You called me out on the CHOP photo. What can I say...I actually thought about cropping out the hospital for this very reason. My hope was that you would focus on downtown Philly (the point of the photo). You can kick me in the groin at church on Sunday.

By the way, are you a germ-o-phobe? Its the communal plate that grosses you out at the restaurant, huh? I failed to mention that you get a thorough hand washing before you dig in...

the meyersons said...

There isn't enough antibacterial in the world, Matt.