Monday, July 21, 2008

The Exciting Conclusion

Saturday morning we got up and packed up the cars. Julie and I loaded up the kids and headed back to Grandma & Pops house. We made a quick stop at the park in St. George so that Melissa could eat and the boys could run a bit. Then, after a quick drive-by of grandma Lissa and grandpa Sam's house, we drove the rest of the way to Vegas.
We were home barely an hour before it was pool time! Julie's kids are so brave in the was so good for Mason and Ollie to see them swimming with such confidence.
At times it seemed like a contest to see which child could get the most floaties on (I think Ollie won), other times all the kids were jumping off the diving board like they had been doing it for years! We swam twice a day, ate yummy food, watched The Closer late into the night, and had a great time having the family together.

Zach, age 6, Master Swimmer!

Mason, age 4, first time off the diving board. Loved doing 'the octopus' (thanks Sam!)
Ben, age 4, king of the 'push downs' (diving for rings)

Ollie, age 3, Kamikaze! And he loves goggles.

Jakey, age 2, taking the plunge

My brother Sam and Ikey, age 2, not quite brave enough to jump, but still a little cutie!
Melissa smiling poolside in her swimwear debut.

She loved floating in the spa!
Somehow, cousin Noah is missing in action in the pool pictures. He was a super brave swimmer with his cousins, but was not feeling well on the day the camera was out :(

Thanks grandma girl and pops for a great vacation, we love you!!

3 comments: said...

It was SO good to see you guys at the cabin. I wish i would have had the energy for some fun in the sun at your mom's. maybe someday before you move we will make it out to visit you! i would sure like to!

Julie said...

nice posts. maybe I can just copy yours! some very cute pictures- I especially like the ones of "baby Melissa" smiling in her blessing outfit and in her new swim soup (as cute Ikey would say)! super fun vacation. let's do it again soon!

Whitehead Family: East Coast Addition said...

Your little girl is so beautiful! she has gorgeous eyes! You didn't find out what she was right? Man! i bet that was hard!