Saturday, July 19, 2008

Melissa Joy Lyman

We decided to bless Melissa at the Panguitch Lake branch near our cabin in Mammoth Creek. My entire immediate family was able to be there, minus Chad, my bro in law. He is busy working (and hopefully playing a little) in England. Also, my aunt & uncle, many cousins and their families, and some family friends were there with us. Melissa's blessing was wonderful...we are so grateful to have her here with us and so grateful to have so many family and friends to love her!
Melissa is named after her two great grandmothers - Melissa Earl and Helen Joy Griffin. I hope that with all the special gifts and talents that she has throughout her life that she will be blessed with her great grandma Lissa's kindness and compassion and her great grandma Griffin's thoughtfulness, grace and style.

Melissa's dress was made for her by her great grandma Lissa more than 15 years ago. Our matching bracelets were made for us by my very talented cousin Emily. (See her other amazing jewelry at adorn)

The Earl Family
Back Row: Ikey, Sam, Pops, Grandma Girl, Kristin, Melissa, Mason, Matt, Julie, Jakey.
Front Row: Anya, Noah, Zach, Ollie and Ben.
We sure missed you Chad!!


Emily Jones said...

Melissa has the cutest eyes. Good thing she has some big brothers to protect her from guys. Looks like a fun and busy summer!! We miss ya, let us know if you ever are in CO.

Cafe Johnsonia said...

She is so darling! I've loved seeing what you did on your vacation. Glad you had such a great time.

Melissa looks beautiful in her blessing dress!

The Barnos said...

Can I have her please? Come on, you can have another girl. I want her. Seriously. She's just got the most innocent sweet little face.

Allison said...

sooo cute. and you look goooood. ... you guys wanna come over and play?