Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Christmas 2007

After almost no deliberation, we decided that we would be staying in New Jersey for Christmas this year. Although it was hard to be away from family, we couldn't ask for better friends to have spent the holidays with.

On Christmas Eve, we went to the Peck's house to enjoy some of the best clam chowder this side of the Mississippi. At least that is what everyone who tasted it said! I am sure that it was delish, as everything that Candace makes usually is. Dinner was followed by some songs done on the chimes by the kids and a few Christmas stories. We were all home in time to get tucked into our beds to await a visit from Santa Claus.

We must have been good this year because Santa (and our families) brought us lots of goodies to open on Christmas morning. It was a blast to watch the boys open their gifts and be so genuinely happy about each and every one! Just as we were finishing up there was a knock at the door. And there was our mailman, here to deliver one more package! We felt bad that the poor guy was working on Christmas but opened our package to find thoughtful and generous gifts from Sam & Anya and their family.

There was just enough time to get showered and ready before we met up with the Player's and the Sherwood's and headed off to Washington's Crossing, PA to watch the re-inactment of General Washington leading the troops across the Delaware River. The night they crossed it was freezing and there were huge chunks of ice in the water. Many of the soldiers were wounded and all were tired. When you read about Washington crossing the Delaware it is widely believed that this was the turning point in the war. We were amazed to see how big the boats and oars were, and just how many men, horses and equipment that they rowed across the river on that cold Christmas night.This is 'General Washington' leading the troops to the boat house before the crossing.

Unfortunately, due to strong currents and wind, they didn't make it across this year. In the photo above you can see everyone waiting on the New Jersey side of the river, and the boat floating well past its mark. I am just glad it happened in 2007 and not in 1776!


Julie said...

that is quite a mound of presents under your little tree. glad you all had a good time. we missed you of course. let's get together and play soon.

Josh & Amanda said...

I am glad you guys had a great Christmas. We had fun watching the attempt at crossing the river. Like my brother is a good thing Washington and his men were better, or we would still be ruled by the British!

Anya said...

I cannot believe the postal service was so diligent this year! I certainly didn't request the Santa surprise- I sent it like 2 weeks in advance!