Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Painters with Attitude (NOT Aptitude)

You can tell summer is coming to an end when we have completely run out of things to do. I have been trying to keep the kids busy doing this and that so that we all don't go crazy before school starts.
This week: arts and crafts.

This is the first time we have gotten the Play Doh out since the 'Great Play Doh debacle of '08'. For those of you who missed that because I did not have the forethought to take a picture, here is the cliff notes version. One tiny (think halloween size) container of blue play doh, a sippy cup with the lid not on quite tight enough, four busy little hands. In their room. Alone. For too long. I am still finding little blue spots on the carpet, walls, closet doors, toys , bedding and ceiling (don't ask me how) three months later.
Both boys were very well behaved, and I am happy to report that there
were no casualties after the festivities.
That is some serious rolling pin action.

Today after four or five days of begging I finally agreed to get the easel and the paints out today.
The rundown:
15 min. -get out the easel, paper, paints & brushes,
smocks on, everything set up.
20 min. -hang pictures to dry, rinse paint cups & brushes, wash hands,
arms faces and one ankle, put everything away.
Actual painting time? About 5 minutes. But they were a happy five minutes.

The masterpieces. Hanging on the outside of our sliding glass door to dry
and as a conversation starter for passers by.
Watch your mailboxes Grandmas and Grandpas...these beauties are coming your way!

Painters with attitude.

Where was little Miss during all this fun?
Right here..in her favorite spot.


Anya said...

Holy crap- MJ has grown a foot since your visit...where does the time go?!

Julie said...

love it. and love your bedding!

Anonymous said...

not much longer now sweet girl and if you lay out like that I am going to be taking off that diaper and eating your p-ssy