Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Hungry Hungry Hippos

In our home there are a few sentences that we hear over and over again. Some of those are "Is it time for lunch?" or "Are we having lunch yet?" or "Mom, it must be lunchtime!" You would think these kids were never fed. This morning they ate breakfast #1 consisting of yogurt, juice and toast and breakfast #2 consisting of oatmeal, milk and a banana. After that we made it until now, 8:52 am, before I heard Mason say, "Mom, let's have pb&j for lunch. You can go in the kitchen and make it now. I'll be waiting at the table."

WHAT???????? Boy was he disappointed when I told him it was still three hours until lunch time. It's going to be a long three hours around here.


Julie said...

Sounds like our house. It's amazing our combined weight in this house hasn't hit I ton yet.

The Barnos said...

I think you've just struck a chord w/ many a mom. How are our children not morbidly obese?!?!?!