Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Girls Camp Update

So, sadly, I think this will be a little anti-climactic. First of all, I didn't take any pictures. I should have. Because I am not sure that Matt believes that I really did any of the things that I said I did. (Except one-there is proof of that one--keep reading).

Day one: I drove up to camp with three very cute 14 year old girls. They slept the entire way. It was the quietest two hours that I can recall.
After getting all settled in at camp it was time for the big certification dinner. Third years are required to start their cooking fire without matches (or a lighter-believe me, I checked!). The girls were awesome and started the fire in about 20 minutes. I was in charge of the dutch oven cobbler. I dug a big hole, lined it with foil and added my coals, the dutch oven, and more coals. After 1 1/2 hours it was done and deliciously golden brown. Success!

Day two: Nothing too terribly exciting this day...cracked 20 dozen eggs at 5am, chilled with the girls, had a little nap, a good day.

Day three: The hike. Seven rugged miles along the Appalachian Trail. I survived.
Then I got a hand massage and manicure at the "Little Piece of Heaven" camp salon. You haven't seen hot pink until you have seen my fingernails on the third day of camp.
That evening I had to certify the fourth year girls in astronomy. It was overcast, there were hardly any stars. We found three stars of the little dipper, a satellite and an airplane. We called it good.

Day four: More certification. I taught the girls orienteering. I didn't bother telling them that I have to use the GPS to get to the grocery store.
Thurs. afternoon there was a massive water fight, belly flop contest (sorry, I didn't even enter so hold your comments), a spiritual program and testimony meeting. A very fun day, despite the masses of crying teenage girls.

Day five: time to pack up and head home. We cleaned, packed, cleaned some more and were finally cleared to leave. We got the cars loaded up, girls loaded in and were ready to hit the road. That is when a huge tree jumped out of nowhere and assaulted the old Chrysler. I tell you, the nerve of those forest trees. Bullies. Just plain, old bullies. A few minutes later, and minus one driver side mirror, we were on our way. Two hours of silent driving (the girls were sleeping again) I was back to the comfort of my home. Matt's mom was cooking, the kids were napping and I had a nice clean, hot shower calling my name. I answered willingly. Home sweet home.


The Barnos said...

Those dang trees can be wicked. And no mention of you doing ghetto dancing, the incredible snacks or showering in the 3 foot by 3 foot shower?

Kristin said...

I was trying to simplify...but I for sure, should have mentioned those awesome cookies!!


I'm pretty disappointed. I'll be honest. No belly flop contest?

Rachael said...

Ok, wait- what about the skit? Was there no skit? Don't tell me it was so bad, you couldn't mention it!

Anya said...

I got stuck on the "Matt's mpm cooking dinner part..." he had help this whole time? I was giving him way more sympathy thoughts than I should have! sounds like a nice time-