Monday, August 20, 2007

Summer Fun

It has been raining here for two days straight. There is no end in sight. I was actually COLD last night. In August.

SOOOOO, as a tribute to summers past, here are some pictures of a fun playdate we had a couple of weeks ago, when it was warm. And summer. In August.



Julie said...

that looks so fun. no sign of any cool weather here. still in the 90s which is actually better than last week in the 105s. glad to see some new pics.

LizzyP said...

This weather is a bit freaky. And I'm kind of freaky, so I like it. Actually, what I love is autumn and this makes me feel like the humidity of summer is giving way to the coolness of pumpkin-pickin' (and pumpkin-pie-eatin') weather.