Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Soccer stars

The boys started soccer a few weeks ago. As is standard for our family this fall, they play at the same time on two different fields. So, I sent the camera with Matt and Ollie. I took pictures of Mason with my phone.

Anyone have any idea how to get pictures off of the phone and on to the computer?


Julie said...

I love that picture of Ollie.

Janelle said...

You can add your email account instead of a phone number and then you email the pictures to yourself. That is the way I do it. It was really easy to figure out how to put in email addresses on my old phone, my new one took a little while! I hope that helps! It was so good to talk to you! Ollie is adorable, I love his hair!

John-E-Boi said...

I agree w/ Janelle (Hi Janelle, long time no see) or depending on your phone you may be able to use a Micro/Mini SD card to download them to and then slap it into an adapter and viola! That's what I do.