Thursday, October 23, 2008

Weekend fun!

Days 4-5: Friday morning was a mad dash to get Ollie to school, come home to pack and clean, pick Ollie up from school and hit the road. We were in store for a great weekend with friends in Virginia.
Did you know...?

Apparently it is also for a single mother of three.

We arrived at Emily and Curtis' house after a rather peaceful and uneventful car ride. We immediately headed out to the most incredible park in the universe. It had a HUGE playground that kept the kids occupied for hours. We had a picnic dinner followed by more playing. We got home after dark and five tired kids fell into bed and slept until morning.

On Saturday morning, we woke to the smell of pancakes and bacon, ate breakfast and headed out to the Air and Space museum located by Dulles Airport.
First thing when we walked in the door was this Blackbird. Truly jaw-dropping.

In the hangar behind the Blackbird was a the Space Shuttle Enterprise. The real one. To look at it you would thing someone mocked it up out of styrofoam and cardboard. Pretty incredible.

It was surround by all sorts of cool 'space thingies'. There were missiles, mission control stations, the NASA quarantine station (looks like a rundown airstream trailer), and a Mars rover.

We looked a zillion more planes including the Concord, bombers, glider planes and the Enola Gay. Then we headed up to the observation deck to watch the planes take off and land from Dulles. Heaven on earth for my two boys.

I took this picture especially for Matt. The boys thought it was pretty funny too. I actually think it is genius.

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