Thursday, October 23, 2008

When the Matt's away...

...the rest of us will play!

Matt attended a conference on Cape Cod a few weeks ago. It was 10 days long. You heard me...10 days. I decided that in order for us to make it through that time with my sanity in tact, we had better do some REALLY fun things. Lucky for me, we have some REALLY great friends.
Day 1: Pizza picnic on out patio.
Day 2: Soccer practice at the park and popcorn at Target.
Day 3: We tagged along on a playgroup trip to the Grounds for Sculpture. There is a restaurant there called Rats. It is a fancy, delicious place (despite the name). At first thought, this day sounded great, lunch, tour of the kitchen, and playing on the grounds.

As soon as we arrived I had second thoughts. No plastic cups here. Glass top tables. Lots of people enjoying a wonderful meal. Then we showed up...six moms with 13 children in tow. The oldest was five.

Amazingly, all of the children were very well behaved (only two fell in the pond). The chefs prepared them a special meal of penne, fries, and (the best ever) chicken tenders. After we finished lunch, the chef (who is the father of one of Mason's friends) took us on a tour of the kitchen (fabulous!) and then we walked and played on the grounds.

The kids (and I) were exhausted when we got home so the four of us slept the afternoon away.

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